January 19, 2017

Mason Jar Moments

At the end of the year every year, I always try to reflect back on my year and I’m pretty sure I don’t remember everything. Of course I can look back and remember significant events, but small mini occurrences can be a blur. Every year a New Years Resolution of mine, is to journal and document the year. As you can imagine, life happens and I end up only having 1 journal entry to show for the year. So, I came across this Mason jar idea and thought it would be great to try in 2017.

The Mason jar moments is where you write down little moments that happen to you throughout the year. You can write them daily, monthly or sporadic. I love this idea because it can be jotted down real quick. I also love that I will get to document the little moments that occur that can be easily forgotten.

All you need is:
– Mason Jar (or any container)
– Paper

Things to document (Don’t forget to date the event)
– Surprise gifts
– LOL moments
– The beauty of nature
– Memories worth saving
– Accomplished goals
– Daily blessings
– Significant current event

After writing your memories throughout the year, the fun part is when December 31st rolls around. At the end of the year you get to open up your jar and re-live your 2017. Do this with friends, family and/or a significant other. Share a jar, and have fun with it!

Cheers to making memories in 2017!